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  From purchase order inception to final delivery, the exact status of each purchase order is visible to the exporters, their buyers and merchants. They monitor the purchase order ship window dates and communicate any exceptions or delays eliminating any surprises at destination.  
  Whether it is cargo or documents, the exporters need their vendors to submit them timely - if they don't, it could hurt the bottom line. A2Z's Cargo Management System keeps an eye out on behalf of the exporters. The powerful compliance reporting capabilities within A2Z's Cargo Management System make it easy to identify timely (and not so timely) performers. They can set up supplementary vendor programs when it is required for the exporters.  
  A2Z origins coordinate the receipt of multiple products, from multiple suppliers within the country of origin. The goods are received at A2Z's Container Freight Station (CFS) warehouse in the origin country. A2Z sorts and loads these goods into containers according to specific loading requirements while maximizing container utilization. Cargo is received and booked.  
  The delivery and receipt of commercial documents is closely monitored, providing exporters with measurement reports on each vendor's compliance with on-time document delivery. A2Z collects the necessary commercial documentation, verifies the information and distributes them to the appropriate parties as designated by the exporters. A2Z's personnel perform preparation and distribution of the Bill of Landing, Forwarders Cargo Receipt and other documents at origin.  

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