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  With current emphasis on complex free trade agreements and global sourcing, customs issues have assumed an increasingly important role in the supply chain. A2Z's global customs services focus on the compliance, release and reporting needs of the market place.  
  Supported by advanced technology, streamlined processes, and the best people in the industry, A2Z continues to introduce new services and products, assisting clients in managing their global customs.  
  They focus on the most efficient methods of capturing, using, and managing data, from input at origin through statistical reporting at client-specified levels, leading to a paperless environment.  
  A2Z's combination of products management, field operations, and professional services allow them to provide their customers with the perfect mix of skill sets necessary for complete Customs Expertise.  
  Compliance Driven Processes  
  Their network operates under standardized processes, which are continually validated, measured, analyzed and reviewed. They strive for the most efficient processes, aligned with customer requirements by the best combination of human effort and intelligence and advanced technology. Their goal is that processes they do should optimize the entire customs value stream. Compliance information is a key input to the release process, and they're focused on it flowing smoothly and accurately.  
  They emphasize minimizing the time involved in the release process, so our customer's overall supply chain processes are not obstructed. In a supply chain process, any "waiting" time is a waste, and we are focused on eliminating waste.  

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